Copper Press (9/12/05) Lanky, also known as Frank Stabile, creates indie pop songs of considerable melodic interest on Odd Hour Work Week. His voice has a sweetly lyrical timbre, and seems naturally wed to the winsome hooks that pervade the CD. While a bevy of freelancers and collaborators contribute, Stabile supplies a lot of the instruments himself. "Falling Hard for the Girl" is a mid tempo ballad that features layers of backing vocals and supple harmonica (played by Lanky). "Good Thing" starts off as an acoustic guitar-vocal number, but expands into a stirring full band arrangement in its chorus. "You Don't Know What It's About" is a winner, with another climactic chorus that swoons with bright-voiced intensity. Odd Hour Work Week is an enjoyable recording, combining the intimacy of singer-songwriter fare with strong pop arrangements and excellent singing. - Christian Carey