Press (7/12/05) To most, Lanky is a name unknown. With a number of releases handsomely making their mark in the minds of their owners, Lanky is back once again with his latest effort better known as "Odd Hour Work Week." A ten song collection of free-willed indie-pop bliss, smart melodies and dreamy lyrics that make Lanky one of the best underground indie outfits I've heard to date. "It's simple, I work odd hours, commuting a long way for a very short work day" is the reasoning behind Lanky titling this crafty album "Odd Hour Work Week." While originally from New Jersey, Lanky perceives himself somewhat homeless these days; the road being his home away from home. Described as being a record that is about the work we do to be better people, "Odd Hour Work Week" is not only another product of Lanky's travels, but rather a reminder of how beautiful things can be sometimes. Captivating early with "Falling Hard For The Girl," Lanky's introspective lyrics quickly attach themselves, leaving behind a hard indication of how well thought out Lanky makes his music to be. The build up of undeniably infectious acoustic based pop continues and a harsh realization of how reminiscent Lanky is to the likes of John Mayer and similar but despite these comparisons. Tracks like "Crashing The Car Is Learning To Drive" and "Good Thing" give good reason for Lanky to become the next big digestibly smooth singer/songwriter in vain of what's already popular. As much as a surprise that it was to me, Lanky is one of the most honest and warmth inducing outfits I've heard in ages. Although reminiscent of more popular acts like John Mayer and Nada Surf, Lanky contributes his own tingling sensation of indie-pop that no doubt about it will leave you wanting more even after first listen. Matt Hebert