1340mag (7/10/05) Lanky is too easily written off as a coffee shop John Mayer. "Odd Hour Work Week" is a bit of singer/songwriter music that borders on folk and pop while never overstating either. Lanky's music is the kind of laid back groove I'd put on after a grueling day in the office to find a bit of peace. That said, don't think "Odd Hour Work Week" is dull. The first two tracks on this album shine. "Falling for the Girl" and "Crashing the Car is Learning to Drive" open the album and sets the pace. Lanky's lyrics show that he proudly wears his heart on his sleeve, showing his hopes and fears to the world. Songs like "You Don't Know What It's About" and "Almost Right Where I Want to Be" are easy to relate to. If Lanky doesn't become the sweetheart of MTV2 the world of music has been done a great injustice. If you'll excuse me I'm going to pour a cup of coffee and listen to "Odd Hour Work Week" again. - Jim McDonald