Left Hip Magazine
Left Hip Magazine (7/5/05) Pure, pure, pure, super-pure, hyper-pure uber-pure, 100% proof pop. Lanky's new one, Odd Hour Work Week starts off so very well with Falling Hard For The Girl, a track that made me think of latter-day albums from The Replacements, the other killer song on the album is You Don't Know What It's About. Lanky is clearly shooting for the top of the charts with a brand of acoustic/electric guitar pop that at times approaches a saccharine sweetness, but the best tracks are truly infectious and even a crusty old Jandek-listening curmudgeon like myself can't help but bopping along. It's the slower tracks where I lose interest; Lanky is never as delightfully light and frothy as an Air Supply or a Maximillian Hecker, instead sounding a little bit epic for my taste with an urgent, passionate quality that probably makes the girls swoon.