Press (6/13/05) ALBUM OF THE WEEK Tune in to all this week to hear tracks from Lanky's "odd hour work week" CD. Download "falling hard for the girl" from Lanky (right click & "save as") Artist's website: About Lanky: "Songs have lives all their own, and the smartest thing I can do is know when to work on them and when to leave them alone." My love of music probably started when we would sing along to John Denver and Kenny Rogers records. There was always something about the joy that those songs would bring. I was always attracted to being a part of that, being the catalyst, making people's lives a little bit better. Maybe momentarily, but just the same. My cousin turned me on to Kiss and the art of air guitar. Soon I got a guitar as a birthday gift and then spent many hours in the bedroom trying to emulate my idols. I've banged around in many, many bands. There was three or four years with Darby Jones and a full length cd, Racket on the Seventh Floor. Some good songs on there and some good times. But then my head and my heart said to take the guitar and go. So that's what I did, well after making a cd in my basement called Inner Onwriter. Then 200 shows around the states, and Canada too, to promote it. Along the way we recorded some shows and the new songs that I was writing at the time were captured as well. Last Chance for a First Impression emerged from these recordings. Just a postcard from the road, as I hit the road again playing 180 shows last year. Now comes Odd Hour Work Week, my 2005 soon-to-be-released cd. It rocks!! Get ready to get yourself a copy. So there it is, my musical journeys in five paragraphs! I'm writing the book and what comes next is where I'll go. I hope to see you all out there! (6/14/05) People (and artists) can grow... After 2004’s live EP, aptly titled Last Chance for a First Impression, I was left with the impression that Lanky was just another somber songbird easing his way into adult contemporary. Admittedly, the track “Lovesick” from that EP found a special place in my heart and iPod, but everything else fell away into obscurity. Odd Hour Work Week is proof that Frank Stabile (Lanky) is more than a pretty voice behind an acoustic guitar in the back of your local hipster bar. The album opens with its strongest track, “Falling Hard for the Girl”. The upbeat verse offset by a euphoric hook rivals “Lovesick” for sheer catchiness. Any fears that Lanky had pulled another one trick pony out of his musical repertoire were quickly put to rest as keyboard and harmonica work side-by-side on the MTV2 Subterranean-friendly, “Crashing the Car is Learning to Drive”. The album, as a whole, works interchangeably in terms of tempo. You get a good mix of slow and fast, plucking and strumming. At times, Stabile’s lyrics are a bit uncomplicated. Perhaps it’s a desire to create songs that are easily accessible, but Lanky LOVES to rhyme. It never reaches annoying except for on “You Don’t What It’s About”, when in the midst of a harmonious frenzy he overzealously rhymes the words: “Still you want to just say my name, Again, again, and again.” Long vowels withstanding, Lanky accomplishes what he sets out to do. He creates an enjoyable album that will satisfy fans of his stripped down live show and entertain those of us who prefer a more produced version of our tall, skinny friend. Intimate without being unexciting. As he showed this writer, first impressions can be deceiving. - Russ Hockenbury Recommended if you like: Peter Searcy, John Mayer, U2