Unfinished (6/13/05) Lanky and I got off on the wrong foot. In 2004, the singer/song-writer released a live EP titled Last Chance For A First Impression. I was sent a copy of the album and the impression that I received wasn't very good. A year later, Lanky is back with his second full length, Odd Hour Work Week, a record that is far more promising. I think we can be friends now. Looking back, Last Chance For A First Impression probably wasn't the best introduction to Lanky's music. He sounds a lot more confident in a studio environment, and although the music is fairly straightforward, most of the songs are pretty decent. "Falling Hard For The Girl" and "How Many Pieces?," which has a superb string arrangement, are great pop songs. The album has its bland moments ("Everything That"), and "Quiet Song" isn't the best closer, but it works well enough. "Almost Right Where I Want To Be" finds Lanky exploring different territory, which is refreshing. The song even takes a clever dig at Dr. Phil. I really hate that guy. It could be argued that Odd Hour Work Week is too short, but I think it is just right. It won't blow your mind, but this is a solid sophomore effort. Hugh Miller