The Aquarian Weekly
The Aquarian Weekly (4/27/05) Possessing an unusual amount of richness for your average singer/songwriter work, Odd Hour Work Week incorporates a sizeable array of instrumentation on nearly every track. Many synth tones are present, and there’s some production trickery in here as well, with backwards snare hits on “Track 7” and subtle electronic drums on “Track 5.” Lanky recalls light-country style pop, allowing the orchestration to augment his strong voice over simple songs. Despite all the various tones and timbres abounding around the album, however, the songs themselves are full of hooks but the riffs and vocal lines are never quite catchy enough and the songs tend to blur together. Clocking in at under a half hour, the short nine tracks on Odd Hour Work Week are a collection of pop-y singer/songwriter work that, while well-constructed and arranged, is light on originality and is ultimately forgettable. For fans of light-country pop. Grade: C+ - by Patrick Slevin