Press (Allentown, PA) (Allentown, PA; 5/4/05) Lanky - Just Passing Through A touring maniac, indie singer-songwriter Lanky makes a stop in Bethlehem. Houston-based indie singer-songwriter Lanky has been kicking up serious dust working between 180 and 200 shows all over the country the past few years to promote his music. When asked how he managed the stamina to perform so many shows, he replied with a chuckle, "Smoke and mirrors. I don't know; you just kinda get in the car and drive. I'd rather play every night than twiddle my thumbs." After finishing up his first national tour to support Inner Onwriter, a self-produced album of pop rock, his second release, Last Chance for a First Impression, became a live CD from the tour. On the road again, Lanky is touring to support his new studio album Odd Hour Work Week that is set for release on June 28. And that includes a stop in Bethlehem's Wildflower Cafe, May 5. Lanky originally hails from Branchville, New Jersey. He spent his childhood listening to John Denver and Kenny Rogers. They were his inspiration but he attributes his musical growth to the time he spent drifting from band to band around Wayne, N.J. He spent the most time in a band called Darby Jones, which turned out a full length CD titled Racket on the Seventh Floor. So what is this Jersey boy doing in Texas? The answer is a simple one: "a girl." He is also in the process of putting together a backing band. "There seems to be promise in Texas," said Lanky on his cell phone from a subway car in New York City. "Maybe I'm just trying to mix it up. It's cheaper to live [in Texas]. I've only been there for a couple months, but it has affected my mood. I spent my winter in shorts." Lanky's goal is that of every practically minded, ambitious musician: to perform less shows, which attract larger audiences. As for the future of his music, he is aiming for a more "organic" and "stripped down" sound. He admits he will continue to write pop songs, but wants to avoid the pitfall of overproduction. "I try not to force it," said Lanky of his creative process. "I try to be surprised by it." - John Simone