Spark, Wilmington News Journal (New Castle, DE)
Spark, Wilmington News Journal (New Castle, DE; 4/27/05) LANKY 9 p.m. Friday, Rusty Rudder, Stage B (At 10 p.m. Saturday, he'll be at the Dogfish Head, 320 Rehoboth Ave., in Rehoboth Beach) (from Wayne, N.J., and most recently, Houston, Texas) Yes, Lanky's a nickname for this 6-1, 145-pound singer and guitarist. His real name is Frank Stabile, but that, he said, probably wouldn't "lure the masses." His lyrics are touching and smartly written. They speak to something deep inside all of us: love, heartbreak, inner struggles. "How Many Pieces?" on his "Odd Hour Work Week" album is about one specific girl (whom Lanky won't name). Instead, he says a theme found in his songs is they're "all about crazy girls from New Jersey." No, that's not why he fled south. But mostly, his songs are about him, and his realization that yeah, you learn from breakups, but you also break up, piece by piece. "How many times am I going to go down this road of heartbreak?" he explained by phone. "You lose a little bit more of yourself. Maybe you're a little wiser, but you're also a little dulled. So how many pieces will it take?" In another song, "Almost Right Where I Want to Be," Lanky sings about internally struggling, fighting to get where he wants to be. It's not about the conflict in Iraq, but the sentimental and visual lyrics, "I heard there's a parade in my hometown," make a listener relate the lyrics to the young men and women overseas. Julie Shaw