The Aquarian
The Aquarian (“Shoreworld”; 4/20/05) ONE LANKY FITS ALL: MAN, GIRL, BOY, CHILD Most of you who’ve done the Shore club scene one and a half times are acquainted with Lanky.You mean Lanky Franky? You know, the Keanu lookalike with the charming man-child voice and chunky 12-string. He’s back with a third album as a follow-up to 2004’s Last Chance For A First Impression, and it makes a perfect first impression, first song like most of this road-dogging artist’s repertoire does. We say road dog because Lanky spent most of last year on the road promoting the release, and we hear he’s become virtually homeless in order to tour as much as possible. He’s recently semi-relocated to Houston from New Jersey, but that’s another story. We just had a pre-release taste of his upcoming third album, Odd Hour Work Week and the nine song disc continues to maintain the style and dispense the emotional wisdom that attracted so many people to this guy in the first place. Like “Crashing The Car Is Learning To Drive,” a folkjazz parable that reminds you, “It doesn’t matter how strong you are,” that sweeps from acoustic to pop arrangement in that gently urgent voice that you just cannot dislike. Or “Falling Hard For The Girl,” a subject he’s written his thesis on with soothing to provocative tones and surging overlaying harmonies in a voice even more evolved than last year’s “Last Chance,” which again only makes you want to eat Lanky’s voice with a spoon, what can I say? And every other phrase is a hipshot of wisdom, like “You can’t know what its about” wherein Lanky assures you that “Love is reaction..not waiting on a fairy tale” with a great, uplifting mainriff that assures you he’s seen the gritty reality and the beauty of what he sings as well. While “Good Timing’s” striding beat and tones in classic Lanky the manchild vox, telling you “cuz you know when it’s over” in the singer’s soothing to saddening inflections that may inspire joy or just crying like a baby. Lanky will be performing on Thursday, April 28 at The Saint and he’ll be touring through June, when Odd Hour Work Week is officially released. For more info, visit Lanky’s planning a statewide record release party for the new Odd Hour Work Week CD, the first to be at The Goldhawk in Hoboken on the 26th and the next at The Saint down Asbury on Thursday, April 28. For more info, it’s at