May 4th, 2003

The Trouble Is...

Did you say something about solving it?
The trouble with love is you have to be in it to even have half a chance
And this white boy with a backbeat tries to fake the moves in this dance

A fine line between possibility and bound for disaster
but you know the ride before the crash and burn might be the thrill youíre after
And I must confess I still have a conquers mentality
And the trouble with flight is the forces of gravity

Iíve got a lot of thoughts about love when Iím lonely
and a bunch about freedom when Iím in your grip
Your familiar curves make my heart race
the trouble is, new passion has the sweetest taste

Iíve quit the drugs and havenít relapsed
But this jealousy and insecurity are not reliable road maps
And the trouble with moderation is my love of instant gratification