September 12th, 2003

Alive and well

You reach for the improbable with both hands
And cheer for the impossible from the grandstand
Bless your little heart that believes from the start, every time
Who doesnít look at it like a woman scorned
but rather like a child
As you put your hand upon my chest and feel my heartbeat go wild

Iím alive and well
When our days sometimes resemble a trial of whether
we deserve the gates of heaven or the fires of hell
and your brow sweats cause it only gets warmer

Itís getting hard to tell if this mystery of you and me will end in misery
or be a long and fruitful history
Whether we repeat the tragedy of our history
or share these as fond memories
I feel a feeling getting stronger
I wonít deny you any longer

My head it feels a step behind
or maybe it works in double time and Iím too far ahead
Maybe youíre a lover of the arts
and my words and songs touch your heart so you frame me And Iíll smile every time you enter the room that you have placed me

But for now I am alive and well
And even the atheist will use the fires of heaven and the gates of hell
To bring drama to the tales he tells
Just remember when you met me on that Friday in August
I was alive and well