September 5th, 2003
From flying to falling

I'm trying to recall my steps,
trying to keep the right ones safe and the wrong ones saved
in a place I won't forget

I may talk like a brave man but I'm scared as hell inside
that this may lead you far from where you belong, this "you and me" ride
and that would be the worst thing I could do

So I'm going to ask you to forgive me now before I break
The only love I've ever known is one that either gives or it just takes
And I'm not sure of anything, just that I get lost in the embrace
I make a vow to keep you in mind no matter where I go
Cause it's flying to falling everytime
Can we keep flying? I don't know

It's not that I can't give you what you need, it's that I can
And maybe that's harder than we think 'cause we go
from flying to falling everytime
Can we just keep flying? I don't know