July 17th, 2004


I’ve been wondering about who has come and who has went
At the moment you’re the only one that makes sense
I’m just trying to belong
And in that quest, I’ve made a few turns that are wrong
We’re in the boat together and a little love goes a long way
I sing for forgiveness and like a Christmas wish list
the names of all who’ve come and went
And now you’re the only one who makes sense.
I look but don’t see cause at the moment you’re the only thing that makes sense
If my love life was a car it’d be scratched and full of dents
I shake hands with what came and went but
I hug and kiss the only thing that makes sense.
I’m captivated in the present tense, baby you’re the only thing that’s making sense

The sun was coming up, the bed was unmade
We were down on our knees speaking “thank you”, “you’re welcome” and “please”
I’m having trouble sleeping tonight cause I know tomorrow I’ll be driving to your town