August 1st, 2004

Indiana morning

Itís a beautiful morning in Indiana
The wigwam by the river, the random acts of kindness in a town full of bastards
Who suck the life out of you and donít even know it with their drama and history

A small town is no excuse for a small mind
And the crazy mom is why you love the ones who hurt
I built a wigwam on the banks of the river
A full moon and the belief I could deliver empathies for a young girl whoís thinking about this big world, the west coast, the Pensacola gulf.

She tells me of a courthouse service and that they tied the knot
Then the judge, a week later, put him on the other side of a thick glass window.
They talk by telephone
A one-year sentence for driving on the revoked

If thereís a heart in this heartland, itís in her chest
Put faith in some and forget the rest
And I realize how Iím missing the scenery, spinning in my drama and history