My cousin turned me on to Kiss and the art of air guitar as a young lad. Soon I got a real guitar as a birthday gift and then spent many hours in the bedroom trying to emulate my idols.

I've banged around in many, many bands. There was three or four years with Darby Jones and a full length cd, Racket on the Seventh Floor. Some good songs on there and some good times. But then my head and my heart said to take the guitar and go. So that's what I did, well after making a cd in my basement called Inner Onwriter. Then 200 shows around the states, and Canada too, to promote it. Along the way we recorded some shows and the new songs that I was writing at the time were captured as well. Last Chance for a First Impression emerged from these recordings. Just a postcard from the road, as I hit the road again playing 180 shows that year.

Now comes Odd Hour Work Week, my 2005 cd. It rocks!! Get yourself a copy.

So there it is, my musical journeys in three paragraphs! I'm writing the book and what comes next is where I'll go. I hope to see you all out there!